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>:( I don't like it that much is because it's to easy!!! I want it to be harder!!! And they need to add more than 2 levels on the lite version!!!>:(


This is definetly the worst game in the App Store

Tap tap

This game is the best

Not bad

I liked it but in normal mode its just tooo easy :-)

Fairly good

This isn't a amazing app that everyone has to get, but it's not terrible by any means. It has sound and looks good, but it kinds gets old fast. The first level is super easy which is how it should be. But I think it jumps too fast from that east to alot more complicated from the first level to the second. But all in all, it's cool for a minute or two then gets boring. I think you should try it out for your self, but I would not recamend a paid version.

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